Juice Recipes

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  • Grapefruit Cleansing Cocktail

    Apr 23 2020

    Grapefruit Cleansing Cocktail in Shine Kitchen Co.'s Vertical Cold Press Juicer! So easy when you are juicing a lot to remove the skin an...

  • Wheatgrass Delight Juice

    Apr 22 2020

    Wheatgrass Delight JuiceWheatgrass is deemed as one of nature's finest medicine and a nutrient-rich superfood that boosts immunity, deto...

  • Watermelon Refresher Juice

    Apr 22 2020

      Refresh and recharge your body with this hydrating and energizing Watermelon Refresher juice recipe. With just a few simple ingredients...

  • Watermelon Fresca Juice

    Apr 22 2020

    Watermelon Fresca Juice RecipeA refreshing and healthy summer drink, packed with Vitamin C!Ingredients: 3 cups of watermelon 2-4 cups of...

  • Turmeric Juices

    Apr 22 2020

    Turmeric once juice can be added to juice combinations, soups, dressings and more to aid and support the body in reducing inflammation. T...