Juice Cleanse Stories of 2022

Have you ever thought about all the amazing benefits you can achieve from daily juicing? Enjoy these inspiring stories from those who joined our 7-day juice cleanse! Miss the cleanse but looking to try out a juice cleanse this year? No worries... Catch the program materials here and get going today!

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Maja Omnicevic says...

❝ Happy 1st day everyone! We got this 💪❞

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Ben Dunham says...

❝ Today's juice prep is local organic blood oranges only touched by me, a knife and my Citristar. My personal favorite citrus. Could do a week on just these, if I didn't live my grapes and Meyer lemons. 💪❞

Juice Cleanse

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❝ Ok Juice Fans, 21 Days of a #JuiceFast and I’m calling it a wrap. Not bad for a first time novice who, before the 7 Day Fast started - I had pre-planned my bailout speech for Day 3. I felt so amazing and it was so much fun that I said to myself, “Why stop?” So I didn’t.....❞


Raman Kaur says...

❝ Today is day 5 and am glad we are near the end. Wanted to express my gratitude to the Tribest Elite that has been juicing up all my juices. I bought it on Kijiji 2 years ago and have been using it every day to make juices. On weekends I also make juices for my 80 year old mom to boost her immune system (she does not want to drink juice everyday). I have also used my juicer to make juices for my 17 year old nephew when he is not feeling well - it gets him back to health quickly.We have been healthy all through the health situation. Juicing is definitely a great way to get in a boost of nutrition each day. It is easier than eating a huge salad everyday to get the greens in. This is my 3rd worldwide juice fast.  ❞

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Ana Milian says...

❝ Day 22 today!! Our goal is to make it to 30 days. We notice increase of energy and happiness, feeling super great! Thanks and love to all. ❞

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Victoria Meyenberg says...

❝ Day #4 juicing wooowwww Amazing! Thank you for all your support. ❞

Juice Cleanse

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❝ First of All, Thanks Jenny to you and your crew. It's been fun and amazing. I started juicing many years ago using first a used Acme, then a Breville. I purchased the Green Star elite last year but I did not receive it time for the detox cleansing. I ended up getting a citri star juicer and that was what I used for juicing last year..... ❞


❝ It is my fourth year participating in this program and I look forward to it every January! Each year is different and has gotten easier along the way. Over the years I have learned that I am highly sensitive and my body has significant reactions to so many foods. Suffering from migraines, inflammation and weight fluctuation since the age of 10, I was never able to pinpoint exactly why..... ❞


Rhi says...

❝ Anyone who has ever dealt with IC knows the debilitating pain that follows. Countless hours spent in doctor’s offices; thousands of dollars spent on supplements, all to no avail! In the wallows of desperation, I searched the internet relentlessly for help. One sleepless night I stumbled across an old article on the benefits of juicing..... ❞


❝ My journey started 10 years ago! At that time I was living in Mexico and a friend told me about a web page of a Mexican health coach promoting to drink 1 shot of ginger, 1 green juice and 1 green smoothie a day to have a better health. In my opinion I wasn't really sick but I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism 7 years before that and received a treatment that let me with hypothyroidism, so I decided to give it a try..... ❞


Marlyn says...

❝ This is my first time doing a 7-day juice fast, it's been a fantastic experience. I feel that your guidance and help was crucial to achieve it, also by the delicious juice recipes and tonics. I had tried other juice fasting programs in the past but didn't have the support I needed. Every step of this 7-day juice fast seems logical and makes sense to me.

I feel renewed and with a few pounds less for the new year! :) Thank you so much! ❞

Billy says...

❝ This was my second time taking this challenge and it came just in time to give give me a good boost. I didn't know it takes place every year and I'm very happy I found it out! It was much easier than than last year and I feel really good! Full of energy and with a clear mind.The best part is that I feel confident about turning to a more raw vegan diet which I had been thinking about for a while now. It would also be great if you'd make this challenge also during the summer months! Thank you so much! Can't wait to "see" you again next year! ❞

❝ I just want to let you know how this cleanse helped my husband and I regroup. We were following a raw diet back in 1999-2003. We even had The Raw Foods Foundation, in St Louis. We taught classes, led retreats and lived the raw life. After a while we felt there was “righteousness” present in the raw community. We didn’t like that, and got out of the whole thing. Slowly the cooked food came back into our lives. We moved away and kind of let the habits of our Midwest upbringing come back in.....❞


❝ This is my 3rd time doing the fast with the group. The group support gets better each year and I really appreciate the zoom calls - it kept me on track, even when I did not want to continue. Wanted to express my gratitude to the Tribest Elite that has been juicing up all my juices. I bought it on Kijiji 2 years ago and have been using it every day to make juices. On weekends I also make juices for my 80 year old mom to boost her immune system..... ❞

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