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Live Foods, Live Bodies, GPBJK01 - Tribest


Live Foods, Live Bodies



By: Jay Kordich

Jay Kordich has been teaching people about the power of fresh juice and raw foods for over 60 years. His latest book, co-written with his wife Linda goes beyond juicing and into a whole new level of information. This book has it all, from breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, cleansing programs, preparation and cooking techniques, to creating your own LIVING KITCHEN.

An elegant full color coffee table-style book with over 240 pages packed with the latest nutritional information. It is hardcover with a special hand sewn ribbon inside used as a bookmark, with a glossy full color book jacket outside.

In this book you'll learn:

• A LONG LIFE quiz to see how you stand right now
• A simple and quick, three-day cleansing diet for WEIGHT-LOSS and MORE ENERGY.
• Jay's most requested healing recipes which contain the top POWER FOODS.
• Linda's great tasting recipes...these are the meals that Jay eats every day.

Do you want more energy and vitality? Do you want to live disease free into your 80s, 90s and even 100s? Do you want to learn how to create great tasting, healthy meals, and fresh juices, all with the life force Jay talks about? It's all here in LIVE FOODS, LIVE BODIES.

Pages: 256

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