Wheatgrass, Nature's Finest Medicine, GPBSM02 - Tribest
Wheatgrass, Nature's Finest Medicine, GPBSM02 - Tribest

Wheatgrass, Nature's Finest Medicine




Wheatgrass, Nature’s Finest Medicine
By: Steve Meyerowitz
This is the complete guide to using grass foods and juices to revitalize your health. In this book is everything you need to know about this wonder plant and its miracle cures, including why it works, where to go for help, how to grow it, juice it, take it and create a total health restoration program. The book includes related information on nutrition, research, healing retreats, detoxification, chlorophyll and cancer, as well as real stories by real people. Also discussed are wheat, barley and kamut grasses.
Wheatgrass juice is the nectar of rejuvenation, the plasma of youth, the blood of all life. The elements that are missing in your body’s cells?especially enzymes, vitamins, hormones and nucleic acids - can be obtained through this daily green sunlight transfusion. Never underestimate the power of Nature. The earth is covered with it. Four of the world’s top five crops come from it. Muscular 2,000 lbs. animals sustain themselves on it and science has found every nutrient in it. Could it be that the planet’s most ubiquitous vegetation is also its finest medicine?

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