Why Christians Get Sick, GPBGM01 - Tribest
Why Christians Get Sick, GPBGM01 - Tribest

Why Christians Get Sick




Why Christians Get Sick
By: Rev. George H. Malkmus
In 1976, at the age of 42, Rev. George Malkmus was told he had colon cancer. How could this be? He was a Christian! He was a pastor! He had dedicated his life to the Lord! His immediate response was, "Why?" Not willing to accept this cancer as "God’s will" for his life, he began an intensive biblical and scientific study to find out why and to possibly find an alternative treatment to the usually unsuccessful treatments of the medical profession. What Rev. Malkmus discovered not only brought healing to his own body, but also answers these questions:
- Why do Christians get sick?
- Can people be free from physical problems?
- Are cancer and other physical problems avoidable?
- What can a person do to avoid sickness?
By applying the knowledge shared in this book, Christians ?and for that matter, all people ?can be free from almost every physical problem known to man!

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