Water, The Shocking Truth, GPBPB03 - Tribest
Water, The Shocking Truth, GPBPB03 - Tribest


Water, The Shocking Truth



Water, The Shocking Truth
By: Patricia Bragg, ND, Ph.D
Learn why and how to have pure, safe water. This book allows you to examine the facts and learn the best water for your health and what kind is safe to drink and use.

"This Bragg book is a shocker and should be required knowledge in medical schools, health related fields, high schools and colleges, and read by everyone."
- Chris Linville, MD

The water you drink can make or break your health. Toxic waste dumps pollute water tables everywhere. Acid rain threatens water, fish, wildlife and food supplies. PCB's, chemicals, fluorides, chlorides, pesticides and industrial toxins are contaminating oceans, lakes and rivers. Five billion people drain Earth's fresh water resources. Nitrates, etc. induce deadly suffocation and light starvation, killing sea life and plankton in our oceans. Antiquated water systems leach lead into water supplies. Millions suffer from disease due to polluted water.

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