Warming Up to Living Foods, GPBEM01 - Tribest
Warming Up to Living Foods, GPBEM01 - Tribest

Warming Up to Living Foods




Warming Up to Living Foods
By: Elysa Markowitz
Now you can benefit from the healthful enzymes found in raw or living foods and still eat dishes that will warm you on a chilly day. Revel in the zesty possibilities that creative living foods cuisine can offer: tempting marinara sauces, spicy pat?, silky mousse and piping warmed soups, as well as pizza, cookies and other foods you wished had more nutritious ingredients ?now they do! Living foods expert, Elysa Markowitz, shows you how to warm raw and living foods and use different types of kitchen equipment to make working with living foods easy. Her innovative approach will provide you with limitless array of food choices to fit your particular dietary needs and preferences. "Elysa’s ability to artfully and tastefully combine tastes and texture with a multiplicity of interesting ingredients and international recipes takes her work to an exciting level of culinary joy. It keeps the food interesting, attractive and sensual in a way that makes it fun to eat. One can never say live foods are bland or boring after using these tastefully mouth-watering recipes."

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