Vaccinations, Deception and Tragedy, GPBMD01 - Tribest
Vaccinations, Deception and Tragedy, GPBMD01 - Tribest


Vaccinations, Deception and Tragedy



Vaccinations, Deception and Tragedy
By: Michael Dye
All our lives we have been told of the marvels of vaccination and how they have safely removed from our society such dreaded diseases as smallpox and polio. But have we been told the truth about vaccinations? In this book you will read the finding of medical doctors and researchers who tell us that we have not been told the truth. You will read about studies and reports showing vaccines have never eliminated any disease in history but have caused an incredible number of deaths and serious injuries each year. You will read the story of Anna, an 11-year-old girl who was crippled for life at only 15 months of age as the result of a vaccination. But Anna is not the only one: medical studies show vaccines are responsible for thousands of deaths, over 100,000 adverse reactions, and over 10,000 cases of permanent brain damage every year! This book explains how this God-given natural immunity works, and how vaccinations can destroy this self-healing system.

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