Choisons® Original Series 4
Choisons® Original Series 4
Choisons® Original Series 4


Choisons® Original Series 4" Paring Knife with Gift Box



Choisons® Original Series 4” Paring Knife in white color is the perfect knife for small tasks in the kitchen. It is perfect for peeling fruits and for slicing delicate ingredients where the utmost care is needed.

Choisons® Original Series Ceramic Knives are made from zirconium oxide, an advanced material developed from the 2nd hardest naturally occurring element on earth. Using this ultra-hard material allows Choisons® Knives to be sharper and lighter than stainless steel knives – making repetitive cutting tasks easy on the wrists and arms. Choisons® knives also retain their edge up to 10X longer than steel knives, so more time is spent cutting, and less time is spent sharpening. Unlike steel knives, Choisons® won’t react with your food, preserving the natural flavor and appearance of your favorite ingredients.


  • Lightweight – easy to lift and maneuver
  • Extremely sharp edges will slice neatly and easily through foods
  • Extremely hard (7 to 10 times as hard as steel!) – ceramic blades are more wear-resistant and need sharpening less often
  • Chemically stable – preserves the natural taste and appearance of your favorite ingredients
  • Thicker than other ceramic knives for added durability
  • Hand-sharpened for premium quality


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