The Raw Gourmet, GPBNS01 - Tribest
The Raw Gourmet, GPBNS01 - Tribest


The Raw Gourmet



The Raw Gourmet
By: Nomi Shannon
Mother Nature provides us with an abundance of fresh foods that are bursting with flavor and nutrients, but a few of us manage to preserve those qualities when we cook. In the first book of its kind, Nomi Shannon opens a door onto a refreshing new world of food preparation that will make a raw gourmet of even the most die-hard baker, boiler or fryer! This is a complete guide to one of the world’s fastest-growing nutrition and health movements ?the living foods diet. Learn how fresh, non-cooked fruits, vegetable, nuts, seeds and grains can boost your vitality without making any sacrifices to your palate.
Try exotic dishes like Chili Rellenos, Spinach Mousse and Vegetable Nori Roll-Ups. Or on a more familiar note, serve up a living foods version of old favorites like pizza, pate and soup. Whatever you choose, this book will bring a rich variety of flavors and textures to your table and offer everything your body needs to stay healthy and vigorous.

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