The Natural Way to Vibrant Health, GPB-NW07 - Tribest
The Natural Way to Vibrant Health, GPB-NW07 - Tribest


The Natural Way to Vibrant Health



The Natural Way to Vibrant Health
By:Dr. N.W. Walker
Dr. Norman W. Walker is recognized throughout the world as one of the most authoritative students of life, health and nutrition. For almost 70 years, Dr. Walker has researched man's ability to live a longer, healthier life. He is his own example of vibrant health through proper thought, diet and body care. Dr. Walker has found his "secret" to a long, healthy, productive life and offers you the opportunity to share "The Possible Dream" through his internationally famous books on health and nutrition.

Vibrant Health can only be realized by following a natural way of life eliminating artificial processed foods and by stimulation of your mind and body through proper nutrition and thought. Dr. Walker explains in detail how processed foods destroy our health and shorten our lives, how firmness of body needs to be accompanied by mental soundness and character, then one's entire being might possess "Vibrant Health."

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