PuraDyme PuraZyme Assist Cellular Regeneration (120 Capsules)
PuraDyme PuraZyme Assist Cellular Regeneration (120 Capsules)


PuraDyme PuraZyme Assist Cellular Regeneration (120 Capsules)



PuraDyme’s PuraZyme was designed to assist the body in the natural regeneration of cells! Full of antioxidants, this product can also assist the body in:

Fighting degenerative diseases
Neutralizing free radicals in the system
Minimize and slowing down the aging process
Stabilizing your system

Take PuraZyme on an empty stomach to achieve its maximum benefit!

Q. Why Enzymes?

A. Enzymes are widely recognized for their importance in predigesting food and can assist in the reduction of excess undigested proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Furthermore, the enzymes assist in the reduction of excess fibrin from the blood stream and assist in the regulation of the immune system!

Q. Why PuraZyme?

A. PuraZyme was designed with even higher enzymatic activities and focuses on the undigested proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the blood, which cause putrefaction, fermentation and rancidity in the body. Without these enzymes, the undigested nutrients become toxins to the body attracting parasites, viruses, unfriendly bacteria, yeast and fungus! Additionally, this product works to assist the body in its natural regeneration of cells!

PuraZyme has four times the enzyme potency than one multiple digestive enzyme and is designed to be taken on an empty stomach. The purpose of this enzyme blend is to go after the undigested carbohydrates, fats and proteins that have not been digested out of the system. These enzymes work throughout our entire system helping to get rid of mucoid plaquing and any stagnant energy in the body.

Q. Why Antioxidants?

A. Antioxidants nurture the cells.! As we age, our body's tissues begin to naturally suffer from oxidation or free radical damage, but the production of free radicals can be increased by exposure to outside factors such as pollution, radiation, smoking, exposure to herbicides, & sunbathing. Over time, the damage can become irreversible and lead to disease.

Oxidation is a natural process and happens to everyone. As we age, our body's natural defense against oxidation and free radical damage becomes less effective. Research is now showing that a diet rich in antioxidants is necessary to keep the levels of free radicals in your body low and maintain good health. Additionally, ensuring that your body has enough antioxidants in the diet can prevent many age-related diseases!



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