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Power Juices, Super Drinks, GPBSM04 - Tribest

Power Juices, Super Drinks




Power Juices, Super Drinks
By: Steve Meyerowitz
Did you know: fresh pineapple juice reduces arthritis swelling and inflammation, a smoothie of papaya, peppermint, and fennel relieves indigestion faster than the top-selling antacid, or that Polynesian noni juice is a powerful analgesic that alleviates pain better than aspirin? Juices, teas, milks made from soy, rice or nuts and other drinks are a great way to get the vital nourishment we need to help prevent and fight disease. Now you can learn how to tap the healing power of natural fruits, vegetables, herbs and seeds for such conditions as: memory loss, asthma, chronic fatigue, excess weight, depression, periodontal disease, anemia, enlarged prostate, sexual dysfunction, cancer, skin problems and the flu. With hundreds of quick and delicious recipes, this handy guide makes juicing fast and easy enough to fit into any lifestyle. For renewed health and glowing vitality, pick up POWER JUICES, SUPER DRINKS today.

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