Papaya, The Healing Fruit, GPBHT01 - Tribest
Papaya, The Healing Fruit, GPBHT01 - Tribest


Papaya, The Healing Fruit



Papaya the Healing Fruit
Author: Harald W.Tietze
Discover the many health benefits of papaya!
While some say, "We are what we eat," others put it more aptly by saying, "We are what we digest." Papaya is wonderfully beneficial to the digestion process and healthy digestion is a key to gaining and maintaining optimal health. Papaya is also known and used to prevent, treat and heal a number of conditions such as: Acne, Menstrual irregularities, Cancer, Arthritis, Low energy, Constipation, Fever, Intestinal parasites, Heartburn, And many others.

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