Choices from My Heart by Bernadette Bohan, GPBBB01 - Tribest
Choices from My Heart by Bernadette Bohan, GPBBB01 - Tribest


Choices from My Heart



Choices From My Heart: Cancer, Motherhood, and the Lifestyle Changes that Saved My Life
By: Bernadette Bohan
290 Pages

(from the back cover)
The story of a wife, mother, and cancer victim whose simple but powerful complementary health plan - based on four essential points - has inspired thousands of people to choose more healthy lives.
• A diet rich in "live" vitamins, enzymes, and minerals
• Pure, plentiful drinking water, free from fluoride and chlorine
• Power foods and sprouted seeds, especially those rich in Vitamin B-17 and essential fats
• Non-toxic personal care products, free from harmful chemicals

About the Author: Bernadette Bohan, a wife and mother from Dublin, Ireland, has twice faced cancer and emerged victorious. She has become a highly popular speaker in Ireland promoting a healthy lifestyle, and is a regular guest on TV and radio. Audiences have packed lecture halls to hear her tell her story and discuss the empowering health program she created.

Bernadette's memoir and health plan will be an inspiration to everyone.

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