Ok Juice Fans, 21 Days of a #JuiceFast and I’m calling it a wrap. Not bad for a first time novice who, before the 7 Day Fast started - I had pre-planned my bailout speech for Day 3. I felt so amazing and it was so much fun that I said to myself, “Why stop?” So I didn’t.

But the kicker is the Before/After blood tests. I just got my results this morning. Before the fast I had an annual physical, and for a vegan the numbers/ lipid profile were excellent. But this experience kicked me to an even higher level, unprecedented in my life.

Cholesterol now 173 vs 204, LDL is 73 vs 104, and Triglycerides plummeted by 182 points!! BP 100/68. 2nd lowest cardio C-Reactive Protein ever (that’s good). Lowest Overall Cardiac Risk Index ever. Lost 19lbs in going to 162 from 181. (Sexy abs are back.) All in only 3 weeks. Holy smokes! Thanks Jenny! Thanks Noah and Ari! Thanks pal up in Heaven Steve Meyerowitz ❤️🙏