It is my fourth year participating in this program and I look forward to it every January! Each year is different and has gotten easier along the way. Over the years I have learned that I am highly sensitive and my body has significant reactions to so many foods. Suffering from migraines, inflammation and weight fluctuation since the age of 10, I was never able to pinpoint exactly why. Initially, I always blamed ricotta cheese because it brought about an immediate reaction. Since juicing, I’ve discovered an intolerance to dairy among many other things like red dye, coconut and gluten.Even with all of the physical benefits that happen along the way, the greatest gift is the mental aspect. The 2022 cleanse has brought me such a deep sense of gratitude. Each year, it feels like I have barely made it to day 7, couldn’t wait for it to end or couldn’t complete whole week.This year, I want to extend the fast longer!After an emotional rollercoaster in 2020/21, I was admittedly not in a good mental or physical space. The emotional and mental clarity I have in this moment on day 7 has humbled me to my core. I haven’t had this much energy or motivation in such a long time.I feel balanced.I feel light and energized. I feel alive!And guess what? I LOOK alive.I wake up ready to start the day instead of being tired and foggy. (Or grumpy and irritable ) Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I feel confident to take on the day.Currently, I’m taking it day by day but am grateful for the love and support within the online community and group. I am also very grateful for my friends and family that have participated along the way. I love making juice with them and for them so they can feel this transformation too.Jenny, Jonny, Brett and the Sprout Brothers, you are amazing and are changing lives!