First of All, Thanks Jenny to you and your crew. It's been fun and amazing.I started juicing many years ago using first a used Acme, then a Breville. I purchased the Green Star elite last year but I did not receive it time for the detox cleansing. I ended up getting a citri star juicer and that was what I used for juicing last year. I was so discouraged when I received the juicer. I felt like I had a monster of a juicer so I didn't tackle it until last week. I am still on the learning curve. Juice has been a passion of mine for a long time. This is my first time on a detox fast. I want to become more skilled at what I am doing. My heart longs to be confident enough to share a pleasant juice as well as a healthy juice to whoever will have it. I tried before in 2007. This was one of my relentless moments to help my train buddy. I learned while at work she had breast cancer. I immediately felt the urge to do something and juicing was the answer. I made a mad dash and purchased one, got the produce and prepared juice for her in the break room at work. I went to her building and offered it to her. She accepted and said she could handle the juice. So I gave her the juicer for her use. Unfortunately she only lived a short time after that. I still have a yearning desire to perfect the use of a juicer for healing and health purposes and be able to share with others the same. I hope you continue what you are doing. It brings peace to the soul, kindness to the heart and health to the body. It's just an awesome way to soothe the consciousness of another in a unique way. Love it!