This is my 3rd time doing the fast with the group. The group support gets better each year and I really appreciate the zoom calls - it kept me on track, even when I did not want to continue.

Wanted to express my gratitude to the Tribest Elite that has been juicing up all my juices. I bought it on Kijiji 2 years ago and have been using it every day to make juices. On weekends I also make juices for my 80 year old mom to boost her immune system (she does not want to drink juice everyday). I have also used my juicer to make juices for my 17 year old nephew when he is not feeling well - it gets him back to health quickly.

We have been healthy all through the health situation. Juicing is definitely a great way to get in a boost of nutrition each day. It is easier than eating a huge salad everyday to get the greens in. This is my 3rd worldwide juice fast and this year has been the most challenging.

I keep inspired by following Jonny Juicer on instagram as well as JuiceFeaster, as well as Tribest, Jenny and the Sprout brothers.

I am so glad I made it to the end. The encouragement helped a lot from facebook and the call. I am looking forward to ending it tomorrow. I thought I would go longer but I think this is already good enough.

I do plan to do a one day juice fast per week and I like JuiceFeaster idea of a 3 day juice fast per month. I have already been doing 1 day juice fast every since I did the 7 day juice fast 3 years ago - that was one of the ideas sprout brothers shared last time.