I just want to let you know how this cleanse helped my husband and I regroup.We were following a raw diet back in 1999-2003. We even had The Raw Foods Foundation, in St Louis. We taught classes, led retreats and lived the raw life. After a while we felt there was “righteousness” present in the raw community. We didn’t like that, and got out of the whole thing. Slowly the cooked food came back into our lives. We moved away and kind of let the habits of our Midwest upbringing come back in. An anything goes thought process.

In 2012 we started a business to make some of the snacks we developed while raw. They were called Reallygoods, and then Gorilly Goods (we couldn’t use the first name, Mars owned it). A food manufacturing business is tough! We left it to enjoy our retirement in 2018. The fruit and nut snacks are still being made by a company called Supernola, that took over our facility.

Last January I ate raw again and dropped the alcohol. I felt great, but slowly our surroundings and social frivolities we’re back.

This 7 day Cleanse in the midst of my raw month has brightened a light for both of us. We know better. We’ve done this and taught this. I hope this time, more of the raw ways stick tighter. It feels so good, and we are healing.

Thank you all for the encouragement and inspiration. The gifts of all of your time and sharing has been much appreciated. Thank you for putting this community free fast together