Kitchen Garden Cookbook, GPBSM05 - Tribest
Kitchen Garden Cookbook, GPBSM05 - Tribest

Kitchen Garden Cookbook




Kitchen Garden Cookbook
By: Steve Meyerowitz
The Information
Dairy-- the pros & cons. Making sprout bread. How to dehydrate foods. Charts on nutrition, sprouting & food drying. Comparisons of conventional & whole foods. Low fat/low salt diet. How to be a healthy vegetarian. Glossary of health foods. Complete sprouting guide. Low temperature cooking.

The Recipes
All Dairy-free, all flour-less, all vegetarian zucchini chips. Cashew yogurt. Almond milk. Sprout breads. Bagels & cookies. Dairy-free vanilla ice cream. Basil tahini dressing. Salt substitutes. Dehydrated banana chips. Whole-meal super salad. Non-alcoholic rejuvelac wine. Natural sodas. Healthy halvah. Sunflower seed cheese. Pizza without sin and more.

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