Just Juice Diet, GPBSM09 - Tribest
Just Juice Diet, GPBSM09 - Tribest

Just Juice Diet




By: Steve Meyerowitz

Steve Meyerowitz, “the Sproutman” is a health crusader known world-wide for his pioneering work on sprouting, juicing, fasting, and detoxification. Steve has fasted for as long as 100 days and regularly leads international groups on his popular “7 Day Just Juice” diet via online webinars. Thousands of people have cleaned out, lost pounds, think sharper and feel younger because of his guidance.

Now you can get Sproutman’s 7 Day Just Juice Diet  in an easy-to-follow book. This step-by-step program using different combinations of juices, herbs, and and wide selection of specialty drinks to cleanse your lungs, liver, intestines, urinary tract, and skin. If you have never fasted before, you will be amazed at how nourished and energized you will feel. Sproutman sets you up with a generous diet of super charged drinks that is both flexible enough for beginners and challenging enough for pro’s.

Start reading and start drinking your way to health!

Pages: 144

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